Thursday, May 30, 2024

Last-minute changes unsettling Oppn alliance

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In a setback to the TDP-BJP-JSP opposition alliance, struggles continue in fielding suitable candidates in several key constituencies, with changes expected in over half a dozen areas. Despite the advancing election procedures and two days have elapsed since the commencement of nomination filings, the opposition alliance continues to face challenges in aligning candidates with constituencies, according to insider sources.
Chandrababu has a history of making last-minute candidate substitutions, a practice witnessed previously. Despite candidate announcements occurring just a day before the final nomination day, replacements have been made for various reasons.
In recent days, the name of defected YSRCP leader Raghu Ramakrishnam Raju has repeatedly surfaced, compelling opposition leader Chandrababu to find him a suitable constituency before April 25. Initially eyeing the Narsapuram Lok Sabha seat under the BJP, RRR’s hopes were dashed as the BJP’s allocation of seats within the alliance is limited. Now, pressure mounts on TDP chief Naidu to accommodate RRR in the Undi constituency, already assigned to Siva Rama Raju, potentially leading to internal conflicts as Rama Raju has already initiated his election campaign.
Sources suggest Naidu is considering offering the TDP West Godavari district presidency to Rama Raju in an attempt to resolve the situation. It’s worth noting that Chandrababu had assured all sitting MLAs of tickets for the 2024 elections, yet Rama Raju, the sitting TDP MLA, is poised to be replaced by RRR for various reasons.
Other potential changes include the Anaparthi and Denduluru constituencies, where discussions are underway to swap seats between TDP and BJP, with a resolution expected imminently. Naidu is exerting efforts to persuade Denduluru TDP candidate Chintamaneni Prabhakar.
Additionally, the Madugula constituency is anticipated to witness a candidate switch, with senior TDP leader Bandaru Satyanarayana Murthy replacing Paila Prasad (NRI), who was initially announced.
Meanwhile, there’s speculation about Shankar Yadav or Sarala Reddy being considered for the Tambellapally seat, potentially replacing the previously announced candidate Jai Chandra Reddy.  Furthermore, the party is contemplating replacing Anil Kumar, the Madakasira candidate previously announced, with MS Raju.

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