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Leaving the clouds behind, Urvashi Rautela tried skydiving

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Shikha Duggal

The upcoming Tollywood debutant Urvashi Rautela, like others, had her dream country too, and she has crossed it off her bucket list. Wondered which country it was? It’s Austria! “I was shooting for my international magazine cover in Vienna, and my motivation to visit that specific place was its small towns too. The breathtaking view will live on in my memory forever! I had never heard of anything called an ice cave, and there was it.”

There were plenty of things she tried in Vienna, such as “The museums and the palaces. I was just enjoying my peace along with a glamorous shoot. You’ll only find green spaces there, with so many roses blooming. Which girl wouldn’t want to be there? Vienna was the city I really fell in love with, and returning there will always be a big pleasure for me.”

Enthusiastically, she shared that another place she’s really fascinated with is Tulum, where “It was impossible to look away from its beaches. I happened to experience some jungle thrills too! Nobody should miss this magical trip to this place. It doesn’t matter if I spend one day there or stay there longer, I enjoy every single hour in Tulum as it has a special place in my heart now.”

She also has her romantic pick. The actress revealed, “In any part of Europe, you are bound to fall in love. The medieval towns evoke romance in you when you are in Europe. There is nothing wrong with the classic dinner date at a restaurant, especially if it’s in Europe. As much as Europe is famous, some cities in it still feel like underrated destinations. It’s easy to think that this city is all about monuments, but the truth is that it is much more interesting. To be honest, I was surprised by all the different things to do in Europe, and I was happy to discover its unexpected sides.”

We asked her what the quirkiest thing she has ever done on vacation was, and she responded, “One of the very famous influencers from Mexico is a really close friend of mine, and he’s a trained skydiver. He made me go skydiving! I put on my harness and helmet, and I was given some instructions by him. After signing a few papers, I was on my way to the plane! This is when my heart started to beat very fast, and I felt lots of adrenaline. Suddenly, I was 10,000 feet above the ground. I felt the wind rush against my face as I fell to the ground. Everything below me looked so small, and my breath was literally taken away. A once-in-a-lifetime experience, all thanks to my friend.”

Waltair Veerayya actress has a world map in her home. It’s her everyday morning ritual of ticking off all the places she has been.

She’s been such a travel enthusiast from the time she became Miss Universe! Because she was born in the lap of the mountains, her first choice will always be those. She explained, “They are awe-inspiring. While growing up, I have seen these magnificent beauties all around me, and what’s unforgettable is the serenity it gives. That’s why I keep returning to my birth town with my family. Even if you don’t climb it, just being around them is an adventure. That’s my wholesome experience from childhood.”’

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