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Legacy needs to be passed on to posterity: GHMC chief

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Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) Commissioner Ronald Rose on Thursday said that there is a need to pass on the legacy to the future generations, during a Heritage Walk that was held on the occasion of World Heritage Day.
The Heritage Walk started from Dar-ul-Shifa, Salar Jung Museum and ended at Osmania Hospital. Zonal Commissioners, HODs and others participated in the Heritage Walk along with Commissioner Ronald Rose.
The GHMC Commissioner said that special efforts are being made to protect the important heritage sites in the city. The renovation of Mojam Jahi Market, Moulali Kaman and Clock Tower has been completed at a cost of Rs 18.33 crore.
Action will be taken to complete various unfinished works around Charminar. Six arches around Charminar have been proposed for reconstruction and restoration works. “Necessary steps will be taken to complete the work of Murgi Chowk and Sardar Mahal,” he added.
He also said that during the walk, the old municipal building, as well as the Salar Jung Museum were seen through photographs of what it looked like in the past and how it is now. There is a need to know the difference, he said. The six kamans that will be reconstructed and renovated are Rani Ganj Kaman, Sheikh Faiz Kaman, Chatta Bazaar Kaman, Dewan Devadi Kaman, Dabirpura Kaman and Hussain Alam Kaman.
Zonal Commissioners Ravi Kiran, Sneha Sabarish, Abhilash Abhinav, Pankaja, Venkanna, Additional Commissioners K Srivatsav, Chandrakant Reddy, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Veterinary Officer, Chief Entomology Officer Dr Padmaja, Dr Abdul Wakil, Dr Rambabu and others participated in the walk.

EPTRI calls for proposals on documentation of heritage sites

A significant initiative has been announced by  A  Vani Prasad, Principal Secretary to the Government of Telangana and Director General, EPTRI, on the occasion of World Heritage Day. Alongside her, M Prashanti, Additional Secretary to the Government of Telangana, has extended an invitation for proposals on the documentation of heritage sites, wetlands, natural or unique landforms, vegetation, and flora and fauna, which will be jointly sponsored by the Environment, Protection, Training and Research Institute (EPTRI) and Telangana Biodiversity Board  (TBB). Recognising the importance of preserving our cultural and natural heritage, Vani Prasad urged universities, institutions, organisations, NGOs, research scholars and students to actively participate in this documentation initiative. Their collective efforts are vital in safeguarding and promoting the rich cultural and ecological diversity of Telangana.
The initiative aims to document and preserve various heritage sites across the region. This effort seeks to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of our heritage, encouraging active participation in its preservation for the benefit of future generations.   Interested parties are invited to submit their proposals.
The deadline for submitting the proposals is May 15, 2024. Participants are encouraged to submit their proposals and join the preservation effort.
They said, this World Heritage Day, let us come together to celebrate and preserve our invaluable heritage by documenting and conserving our cultural and natural treasures.

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