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Lokesh desperate for audience with BJP top leaders in Delhi

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The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) is in disarray as its chief, N Chandrababu Naidu, faces imminent arrest in connection with a multi-crore scam involving the Skill Development Corporation. The party’s attempts to rally support and deflect blame have crumbled, with even its own leaders reluctant to come to Naidu’s defense.

Naidu’s son, Nara Lokesh, has been camping in Delhi in a desperate attempt to secure meetings with key BJP leaders like Amit Shah. However, his efforts have been futile, sparking speculation that he may be harbouring fears of potential legal consequences. Lokesh’s prolonged stay in Delhi has also dashed the TDP’s hopes of him being a prominent voice for the party in the national capital.

The TDP’s quest for support from other political parties has also proven futile. The party stands isolated both nationally and regionally, with Chandrababu Naidu’s history of political flip-flopping eroding trust.

Adding to the TDP’s woes is the absence of its politburo members at a crucial juncture when their leader is behind bars.

This abandonment raises questions about their belief in Naidu’s innocence.

As Nara Lokesh and other TDP leaders struggle to defend against Skill Development Scam allegations, they have resorted to diversion tactics, attempting to shift blame onto government officials. However, evidence presented by the CID points to Naidu as the principal conspirator.

TDP MLAs’ disruptive behaviour in the Assembly has further tarnished the party’s image. Their actions served only to expose the falsehoods propagated by the TDP.

The TDP’s claims of a “mosquito menace” within the jail have been met with skepticism and are considered baseless attempts to divert attention from the Skill Development Scam. These claims, like previous arguments about Naidu’s security and access to hot water, were promptly dismissed by the court.

Facing a lack of support and with their previous tactics failing, the TDP has turned to finding faults in legal procedures and trying to derail the investigation. This suggests their acknowledgment of Naidu’s involvement in the scam and their anticipation of impending punishment for his alleged misappropriation of public funds. Instead of addressing the allegations directly, TDP’s lawyers have focused on procedural matters, further undermining their credibility.

In their quest to garner public support and evade legal consequences, the TDP’s theatrics have fallen flat, with even their own leaders reluctant to come to Naidu’s defense. The use of unparliamentary and derogatory language towards the court and its honourable judges has raised concerns about the TDP’s commitment to respecting due process and the rule of law.

The TDP’s strategies, once perceived as desperate, now appear misguided and ineffective. With Naidu’s arrest and mounting evidence against him, the party’s future remains uncertain, and its credibility continues to erode.

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