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Make your home guest ready with the best home fragrances

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As winter has finally come, it is time for us to adorn our homes with some of the finest aromas. The season is all about fun, frolic, and hanging out with friends and families and this also means, your home should carry a very inviting, fresh, and rejuvenating aroma. It has to be guest-ready so that next time when you invite friends for a candlelight dinner or a housewarming party, everyone should feel comfortable and relaxed with the perfect aroma simmering in the background.

In terms of the type of Aroma, winter needs a different approach than summer or rainy season. The sweaty summers are all about floral and fruity fragrances creating a breezy and cooling impression.

In winter, your home would require tastefully crafted woody aromas such as musk, sandalwood, powdery white wood, cedar, vanilla, etc with their subtle yet overpowering impact. Since warmth is the need of the hour in the winter season, it is also apt to use some undertones of spicy aromas.

Meanwhile, it is not just about finding the right aroma. To make your home guest friendly, it is also essential to find the right product. A perfect aroma device that not only makes the entire atmosphere fragrant but also enhances the interior. There are numerous products for fragrance dissemination and each has its own pros and cons.

Ridhima Kansal, Director, Rosemoore shares some of the fragrance devices that one can mull using next time:

These are versatile aroma products for your home and can be used across window sills, table tops, bookshelves, etc. Candles blend fashion with flame along with spreading your favourite aroma. They can greatly enhance the interior décor. Besides traditional candles and scented tea lights, cylindrical pillar candles are also in vogue.

Scent sack:
A traditional product that is in practice for a long time, the power of scent sacks can’t be underestimated. It is a truly multipurpose product that can be put in drawers, cloakrooms, cupboards, etc. It can also be hung from the doors or refrigerators. If there is a party at your place and you are planning the return gift hampers, put a scent sack to make a long-lasting impression.

Pot Pourris:
A traditional product made of dried herbs, leaves, flowers, etc. Pot Pourri is a prized aroma product with a strong aesthetic appeal too. It can be placed on side tables, entry points at home, and foyer areas to create the perfect impression. It can also be put inside glass showcases and it will brighten the atmosphere. Pot Pourri comes with a shelf life of around 4 months. However, to get the best results, it is advisable to use the fragrance oil every 1.5 months.

Reed Diffuser:
A quintessential all-season aroma product that is just apt for homes but is also very popular in hotels, spas, shops, etc. Reed diffusers are lavish and classy products that create constant and spontaneous whiffs of your favourite fragrance. They are also appropriate for homes with small kids and pets, as there is no flame required. Generally, 10 reed sticks can give ample aroma in a space of 150-200 Sq. Ft. However, by increasing the number of sticks one can use them in open spaces such as deck areas, garden spaces, etc.

Electronic diffusers:
They work just like the reed diffuser but need a plug-in to operate. Just like their reed brethren, they are perfect for spontaneous aromas and fragrances. You can also try them at your work-from-home desk and they will help you develop unwavering focus.

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