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Matrimonial fraudster arrested for extorting Rs 14 lakh 

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The Cybercrime police of Cyberabad Commissionerate arrested a 23-year-old accused in a matrimonial fraud case on Friday. Three cheating cases were filed against him in the Cybercrime police station.
The accused named Maram Ashok Reddy created a user ID using a woman profile with name Praneetha_Reddy in ‘SnapChat’ social media application and sent a request to the victim. The accused manipulated the victim as a woman and extorted Rs 14 lakh under the guise of urgent needs.
The fraudster proficiently creates a fake user profile in the SnapChat App in the name of Praneetha Reddy. When a request was sent by the victim, the accused approached the victim as a girl and initiated a virtual relationship through chat.
He deceived the victim in the pretext of friendship, love and later marriage and made the victim totally believe by sending the pictures to make the victim believe his words.
The fraudster exploited this trust to fabricate urgent needs, starting a business and ensnaring the victim in a web of deceit until the heartbreaking realisation of being deceived by the fraudster.
The accused lure the victims and used the amount to play the different online games. With the cheated money he spent on gaming and betting applications.
Cyberabad Commissioner Avinash Mohanty appreciated Cybercrime ACP B Ravinder Reddy, Inspector K Ravi Kumar and other police officers who were involved in identifying and arresting the most wanted and notorious cybercrime offender.

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