Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Meet stresses streamlining processes, supporting local development Collector highlights need to promptly resolve pending applications

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District Collector Dr A Mallikharjuna underscored the necessity for coordinated efforts and streamlined processes to promote efficiency and support local businesses.  During a district review meeting here on Wednesday, Dr Mallikharjuna focused on key areas of local development, including the promotion of self-employment, assistance in house construction, and empowerment of farmers.
Dr Mallikharjuna highlighted the need to promptly resolve pending applications, adhere to timelines, and effectively address public concerns. He directed officials to align with state government policies, specifically supporting self-employment initiatives and extending full support to house construction projects like the TIDCO scheme for the underprivileged. Recognizing the challenges faced by individuals with low CIBIL scores, Dr Mallikharjuna recommended considering alternative credit assessment methods for beneficiaries, particularly those involved in the TIDCO scheme. The Collector also expressed the intention to grant loans to Kisan credit card holders, aiming to boost financial assistance for farmers.
Dr Mallikharjuna highlighted the significance of supporting micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the district and urged all stakeholders to lend assistance to those engaged in such endeavors. The collaboration between government officials, bankers, and NABARD officials is crucial for creating a supportive ecosystem for local businesses to thrive.
The meeting showcased the unveiling of the Potential Linked Credit Plan Book by NABARD, acting as a guiding document for aligning financial resources with the district’s development potential.

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