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New scheme to provide irrigation water for tribal agriculture

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District Collector Nishanth Kumar inaugurated the Solar System Uplift Scheme in Chinagora village, Veeraghattam mandal, on Wednesday. This initiative, executed under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in collaboration with Wasan and HDFC Bank, comes at a cost of Rs. 4 crore and is set to significantly impact farming practices in remote tribal areas.
“The Solar System Uplift Scheme is a crucial step in bringing about a substantial evolution in agricultural practices specific to tribal regions. By providing irrigation water to uplift farming practices, this initiative marks the beginning of a new era for tribal agriculture in our region,” said District Collector Nishanth Kumar during the inauguration.
The scheme is expected to create irrigation facilities covering approximately 170 acres, offering a promising prospect for tribal farmers. In his address, Collector Nishanth Kumar underscored the significance of promoting multi-purpose crops that not only yield higher profits but also require lower investments compared to conventional crops, thanks to the abundant water resources made available through the scheme.
“It is imperative for farmers to adopt sustainable agricultural practices, focusing on high-yield commercial crops. The reduction in the use of chemical fertilizers in favor of bio-based organic fertilizers is a crucial aspect of this transition. Our aim is to enhance living standards by aligning agricultural production with market demand,” added Collector Nishanth Kumar.
Vasan, HDFC Collector, extended congratulations to local farmers for their role in the Solar System Irrigation Scheme. He highlighted the scheme’s unique feature of providing irrigation without the burden of maintenance of lifting schemes. Expressing optimism, Vasan urged tribal farmers to consider proposals for reservoir construction and actively participate in obtaining sanctions. As part of the program, the drainage of water released from the upliftment scheme was meticulously examined, ensuring the effective implementation and sustainability of the irrigation initiative.
The event witnessed the active participation of key figures, including Sarpanch Arika Kamesh, NABARD AG Nagarjuna, Vasan Associate Director Dr. ML Sanyasi Rao, Program Manager JV Jaya Prakash, HDFC Bank Regional Bank Manager Surya Nadendla, Area Head Kamesh, Tahsildar Ch. Satya Narayana, and others, signifying a collective effort towards ushering in positive agricultural transformations in the region.

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