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MLA supports NRI

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The ruling YSRCP has taken stringent action against its MLAs and leaders who commented against the party policies and activities in the recent past. Interestingly, YSRC’s Mylavaram MLA Vasanta Krishna Prasad, on Wednesday, expressed his views that seem to be against the party.

Referring to the recent Guntur stampede incident, Krishna Prasad said that in the past political parties distributed freebies, but in Guntur the Vuyyuru Foundation wanted to distribute Sankranti Kanuka in a big way that boomeranged resulting in a stampede. He further said that NRI Vuyyuru Srinivas Rao had been his close friend and had been serving the people in different ways for several years.

Taking the NRI’s side, Krishna Prasad found fault with the government for arresting Vuyyuru Srinivasa Rao holding him responsible for the stampede in Guntur. He said that Srinivasa Rao had been doing a lot of services in his homeland, including the ill-fated event organised in Guntur. He said that the arrest would send the wrong signal to the other NRIs who have been spending money on service and developmental activities in their homeland.

Krishna Prasad further said that the action of the government would discourage the NRIs from coming back to the State and spend their money on service activities. He said that several NRIs were engaged in such activities, and they would now have second thoughts on coming to Andhra Pradesh, he said.

The statement of Mylavaram MLA has paved way for discussion among the ruling party camp regarding supporting Srinivas Rao, while a GO was issued restricting such programmes in public places for the safety of the people. Earlier, former minister Vasantha Nageswara Rao, father of MLA Krishna Prasad, had flayed the YSRC government on the capital issue.

He criticised the government for doing injustice to the farmers of Amaravati, who had given away their lands for constructing the capital city.

Ever since Vasanta Krishna Prasad was denied a Cabinet berth, the father-son duo has been in the news for passing statements against the YSRC government.

On the other hand, in a swift action taken by the YSRC high command, stern action was taken against leaders like MP Raghurama Krishnam Raju, Undavali Sridevi and Anam Ramnarayan Reddy.

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