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MLC promises to restore glory of ‘Annadana Samajam’

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YSRCP State general secretary and MLC Lella Appireddy has promised to give a facelift to the ‘Annadana Samajam’ and restore its past glory.

The MLC, along with MLA Maddali Giridhar, visited the ‘Annadana Samajam’ located on Amaravati Road here on Monday and reviewed its functioning and the services being extended by it.

Speaking on the occasion, Appireddy said that it is unfortunate that ‘Annadana Samajam’, located on Amaravati Road, which was established by patriot Konda Venkatappayya Pantulu with the great objective of providing shelter to neglected widows, is now in a dilapidated state.

He promised that he would strive to bring its past glory in a way that would once again reflect the excellence of donors decades ago. The MLC advised the officials concerned to prepare the necessary master plan for the renovation of Annadana Samaj. He said that a final decision would be taken after a comprehensive discussion on this in the next meeting.

Some widows, who are taking shelter in ‘Annadana Samajam’ housing complex, which was specially built to provide shelter for widows, said that the housing complex is in a dilapidated state and had become unfit for habitation. “We are facing many problems as rainwater leaks into the rooms,” the inmates told the MLC and MLA, who went into the houses and examined the actual situation. Later, MLC Appireddy told the media that he visited the place at the invitation of ‘Annadana Samajam’ chairman Pokala Vasant.

The MLC said that he had come to an understanding of the actual situation of Annadana Samaj and personally examined it, adding that if the officials prepare plans without disrupting the main goals of the organization, they would do their best for the development of ‘Annadana Samajam’ accordingly. He said that there is a plan to build new modern rooms.

MLA Maddali Giridhar, ‘Annadana Samajam’ chairman Pokala Vasant said once upon a time it served the society and lamented its bad condition. Endowments DC Chandrasekhar Reddy, Urban Bank Director Banda Ravindranath and Zilla Granthalaya Samstha Chairman Battula Devanand were among those who were present.

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