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Modi govt successful in tackling Naxalism: Shah

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The Ministry of Home Affairs released videos on Friday showcasing the significant strides made by the Modi government in tackling left-wing extremism (LWE) or Naxalism. These videos were shared by Union Home Minister Amit Shah on his social media platform.
Shah expressed, “PM @narendramodi’s administration has dealt a decisive blow to Naxalism through a comprehensive approach focusing on development and security in affected regions. By working closely with state governments, the Modi government has earned the trust of the people, fostering overall development.”
Highlighting the government’s efforts, Shah stated, “The Modi government has prioritised the well-being of the underprivileged residing in Naxalism-affected areas by enhancing healthcare and educational infrastructure. Thanks to PM @narendramodi’s forward-thinking policies, the breeding ground for Left-Wing Extremism (LWE) has been dismantled.” Shah emphasized that under PM @narendramodi’s leadership, an aggressive strategy has been adopted to combat Naxalism effectively. This strategic approach has significantly weakened the grip of left-wing extremism.
According to records from the Home Ministry, there has been a notable 52% reduction in Naxal-related violence between 2014 and 2023 compared to the preceding decade (2004-2014). The incidents decreased from 14,862 to 7,128 during these periods.
Fatalities resulting from left-wing extremism have decreased by 69%, with casualties dropping from 6,035 to 1,868. Similarly, the number of security personnel martyred decreased by 72%, from 1,750 to 485 during the Modi government’s tenure.
Civilian casualties due to Naxal violence decreased by 68%, from 4,285 to 1,383. Additionally, the number of districts witnessing violence decreased from 96 in 2010 to 45 in 2022, marking a 53% reduction.
Finally, the number of police stations reporting violent incidents decreased from 465 in 2010 to 176 in 2022.

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