Thursday, May 30, 2024

Monday Mirchi : Most bureaucrats are weathercocks

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Politicians may readily believe bureaucrats, but bureaucrats need to be wary of netas from whom they get carte blanche. Upon regime change, most babus simply shift their loyalty to the new dispensation without prejudice to their misdeeds in the past with carte blanche from above. The ramifications of the TG phone tapping case have proved how politicians cannot expect bureaucrats to shield them when things go awfully wrong. Normally, if bureaucrats face any problems, politicians in power who had given them a lift go to their rescue. Once these politicians lose power and are in trouble, they cannot expect payback from the once-trusted bureaucrats. For, by default, most bureaucrats automatically switch their loyalty upon regime change. Some bureaucrats do indulge in irregularities hoping to get benefits while in service or after their retirement. But such bureaucrats are not many.

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