Thursday, May 30, 2024

Monday Mirchi : Place on record if it happened before 9 Dec 2023

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Regime change won’t let sleeping dogs lie. Likewise, when a skeleton tumbles out of the closet, timing it is important. No wonder, these days clarifications being issued by the government, including those by senior officials, subtly push the blame on the previous government. Press notes in particular specify the date, if the matter pertains to something that happened before December 9, 2023. For instance, in the recent Rohit Vemula issue, DGP Ravi Gupta issued a press note and mentioned that the closure report relating to the case had been prepared before November 2023. The final closure report was officially filed on 21 March, 2024. Officials may want to alter the chronology but what happened is that on 2 March 2024 Ch Sreekanth was posted as ACP Madhapur. On 18 March 2024, ACP took up the investigation and the same day he got permission from the Commissioner of Police to close the case for lack of evidence. Now, who should take the blame: BRS govt, the new ACP, the CP or the Congress govt?

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