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MP Midhun Reddy calls for restoration of peace in Manipur

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While addressing the Lok Sabha during the ongoing monsoon session, YSRCP MP Midhun Reddy on Wednesday demanded that peace should be restored in Manipur at the earliest.

On the no-confidence motion against the BJP-led government, MP Midhun Reddy said the YSRC party believed that the no-confidence motion did not carry much value, because the ruling NDA had an absolute majority. “The YSRCP believes that this no-confidence motion should not be used for settling political scores. We do not want to be a part of a tussle between two alliances. And I would like to reiterate that the government should sort out this Manipur issue as soon as possible.”

The MP added: “The country has a tradition of respecting women. Even the Vedas say that where the women are worshiped, the gods are kept well there. We fondly call our country ‘Mother India.’ Such is the respect we give to women in our country.”

But the spate of events that have happened in Manipur and the heinous crimes which have happened against women there are really painful. The government needs to act swiftly and act very toughly. All this ethnic violence has to be curbed and the women need to be protected. Both ethnic groups have to be made to sit together and amicable solutions need to be brought together, said the MP.

He said a combination of ethnic and gender violence had dented our image globally. Many people from abroad are calling me and asking me about this horrific incident happening in our country. It is really shameful that such an incident has happened, he said.

Any kind of violence between majority and minority groups has to be resolved peacefully. Otherwise, there is no meaning to democracy. We should preach what we believe. Unity is of utmost importance for the progress of our country. There should be a two-stage approach to sort out the Manipur issue immediately, said the MP.

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