Thursday, November 30, 2023

Muslims appealed to support Cong

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Telangana Muslim Organisations JAC has announced on Tuesday that it would extend its support to the Congress party in the ongoing elections. The Muslim Organisations JAC also requested all the Muslims of the State to come together on one word and vote for the Congress party together and show the power of their vote. The Telangana Muslim Organisations JAC leaders from across the Sstate said, “We hold the belief that this decision will serve as a valuable tool in exerting pressure on the Congress party to implement the demands of the Muslim Declaration if the Congress government is formed after the elections. We hereby express our endorsement, contingent upon the Congress government honouring the commitments outlined in the Minority Declaration within a span of six months subsequent to its establishment. Furthermore, we emphasise that the Muslim JAC’s stance regarding the parliamentary elections scheduled for May will be contingent on the Congress government fulfilling its commitments to the Muslim community and demonstrating its integrity.”

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