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‘My first love has always been cricket, hence the late acting debut’

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Nihar Kapoor, who is all set to woo the audience with his upcoming theatrical release of Record Break on March 8, gets candid with The Pioneer shared some interesting deets about his character, the subject, and more.
K. Ramya Sree
Jayasudha’s Nihar Kapoor starrer Record Break is heading for a grand theatrical release on March 8.
The makers of the movie say Record Break is a film that every Indian must watch.
Also starring Sanjana in the female lead role, the movie is being released in 8 languages, including Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Hindi, Odia, Bengali, Malayalam, and Bhojpuri.
We got a chance to interact with Nihar Kapoor, who during this conversation informed us that he plays an orphan, and it’s the story of two non-identical twins who used to live in forests, move to the city, and are not sure what to do in the city.
“I play a powerful man full of energy. Initially, he doesn’t know what to do with his strength; later, he takes training and later takes part in WWE,” shared the actor about his character in the movie, adding, “This is a commercial entertainer and shows the journey of two orphans in sports. Except for a hero-heroine love angle, the movie has all commercial elements, including a mother’s love, good music, and more.”
He feels the subject of this film has pan-India appeal, and hence they made this on a pan-India level.
We asked him what was one aspect that made him come on board the project, and he took us through his journey to Record Break as she shared, “On the first-day shoot of my first film, the director of Record Break, Chadalavada Srinivasa Rao Garu, approached me, saying ‘there’s another project for me in his mind’. I heard the story, and I felt the story was very new. I felt happy to get an opportunity like this in the beginning because characterisation was very interesting and playing a lead role was even more fascinating in a story like this, and I immediately said yes.”
Being the son of a legendary actress, how can we not want to find out what his mom, veteran actress Jayasudha, felt about the film? To this, he responded, “She watched the film, and she liked it. She is waiting to watch the film with the audience once again once it is released. It was me who first heard the story. I haven’t told her before, but when I told her later, she was happy because the story was new.”
He also clarified why he made his debut a little late in life compared to other kids: “I have always been behind the camera. I learned direction, screenplay, and scriptwriting. I studied in Chennai and Singapore for the same. I dedicated 25–26 years of my life to cricket. I wanted to play for India. My first love was cricket, and my second was to be a director. Now, with experience, I have gained the confidence to appear in front of the camera. I am now looking forward to being part of more films.”
On the other hand, his director, Chadalavada, took a break in his career before this project, and we were curious to know what caused the gap for him. According to Nihar’s working experience with him, he feels his director is very passionate about his stories, and he wants to narrate each of his stories more authentically and does a lot of research.
In the era of OTT, to tell a story like this, the film should be very compelling, and attention to detail must be paid very seriously, especially for a story like this that has national appeal. Speaking about the newness he brought to the film, he expressed, “Our fight master has added many visionary elements to the story. More than heroism, our director wanted to show the character’s depth; hence, all the fights were also very raw and not commercialised. I had put on weight for this film and changed my whole get-up.”
Since this is a pan-India film, the makers are also promoting it at the pan-India level. “In Bombay, the flavour of the season is Telugu films. They want more Telugu films. When we made them watch the film, they were impressed,” he shared, confident of the movie’s success at the pan-India level.
On the work front, he is also part of Pawan Kalyan’s Hari Hara Veeramallu and is looking forward to impactful characters. He also wrote a few scripts for OTTs and is waiting for opportunities to debut as a director.
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