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‘My goal is for motorsport races to arrive in Hyderabad and then spread like wildfire’

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An interesting Hyderabond here for you, The Pioneer brings our conversation with the founder of INDE Racing and Kankanala Sports Group, Abhishek Reddy Kankanala, sharing his association and love for the city.
Kankanala Sports Group was thrilled to announce INDE Racing as a new team for the 2024 FIM E-Xplorer season, after the news that KSG and FIM E-Explorer have inked an exclusive nine-year collaboration to manage races in India. At the recent FIM e-xplorer World Cup, INDE Racing—India’s first-ever FIM-licensed team, having its roots in Hyderabad somewhat—soared to unprecedented heights on the global scene. The founder of INDE Racing and Kankanala Sports Group, Abhishek Reddy Kankanala, a pakka Hyderabadi, stated that they have always missed a competitive independent team to cheer for, despite the growing interest in motorsports! In an exclusive interview with us for the special weekly column, hoping to innovate, advance sustainability, and foster gender equality in addition to setting new standards for racing in Hyderabad and across the country, everything that the interviewee with Hyderabadi roots has to say is heard.
In an interview with us, the spokesperson recalled, “With badminton, volleyball, and handball, what I have been doing over the last few years is to bring some kind of attention to overall sports in Hyderabad and across.” Much to your surprise, he actually lost his voice while cheering for the team and yet continues to go on, “Better images of sports viewers should be posted on social media and on television! In Hyderabad, we make sure that the volleyball court has over twenty cameras so that the sport appears seductive. I really do mean it. I am attempting to compete with how European volleyball is seen in my mind. This year, I hope our league will be the most watched worldwide. Thus, nothing has transpired overnight; Hyderabad’s handball leagues were the starting point. Despite not owning a team, I keep in close contact with every player so that I can now provide them with a global platform. This is the moment when motorsports become relevant.”
“I couldn’t see any motorsports team representing our country until I arrived,” he said in great detail. “Although Hero and TVS are manufacturing teams, their registration is not in India. That, in a way, inspired me to think that we ought to be represented globally as well. Although I was quite active in organising small-scale events in Hyderabad, my goal was to work on a larger scale. We stand for equality as well! I even worry a lot about not being selected for a factory team, which is why INDE.”
He acknowledges, “Most of my synergy, whether it’s with the Black Hawks or Telugu Talons, is always in tandem in Hyderabad city. Because I am from Hyderabad, I’ll use that connection to host it in my hometown one day. That is what I am anticipating from the first race that will take place shortly. My goal is for these races to arrive in Hyderabad and then spread so that the general public may learn more about them. Let’s witness it live, starting with a crowd in Hyderabad. Forget about reading about it in the papers or watching it on television. Even though the state government hasn’t given its approval yet, Hyderabad should be the first location to start. Everything also depends on the government’s backing.”
With this news, India will have its first-ever FIM-licensed squad and participate in its first-ever legally sanctioned international competition. It’s so thrilling! “I own this, so we are bleeding Hyderabad,” he went on (he grins). “Despite having spent nearly twenty years abroad, I still prioritize my Hyderabadi heritage. For a little while, I worked in Canada, but despite my success there, my heart was still in Hyderabad. I made the decision to return to the city with my family. I have been living in Hyderabad for almost twelve happy years. It is the best city in the world, and I say this with certainty. Mumbai and Delhi used to be fierce rivals to our city, but circumstances have changed, and Hyderabad is growing in new and interesting ways. The way things have changed has been so great that we are happy to show visitors our city.”
He adds, “I always feel a connection with the Hyderabadi journalists who show me so much love. I can see that the Hyderabadi media takes great pride in promoting sports around the nation. It is evident in the way people write or talk about my endeavours. I am not sure how, but print media somehow inspires me. However, you also have to appreciate Hyderabad’s small-town charm.”
“I have travelled to nearly twelve nations in the past two months. Japan’s cultural display, for instance, was breathtaking, but I can only picture myself residing in Hyderabad. I have no reservations about who I am as a Hyderabadi; I totally embrace it,” with a warm note, Abhishek Reddy Kankanala concluded the interview.
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