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My goal is to supply Godavari water to Rayalaseema: Naidu

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Making it clear that his sole aim is to bring the Godavari water to Rayalaseema, the TDP supremo and former chief minister, Nara Chandrababu Naidu said here on Saturday that he laid the foundation for development of the region on the lines of Hyderabad.

”Why do some leaders and officers get unnerved when I talk about psycho-politics,” the TDP supremo asked. Pointing out that he is visiting Srikalahasti as part of his ‘Yudha Bheri’ programme, Chandrababu said that the country is today witnessing wars for water. That is the importance of water, he added.

Stating that the TDP has the history of completing major projects like Telugu Ganga, Galeri-Nagari and Handri-Neeva, Chandrababu said that this Government is not in a position to supply water even to canals. Immediately after the TDP forms the coming government, the Godavari waters will be supplied to this area to meet the drinking and irrigation water needs of the people of the region, he said.

”Despite all the troubles being created by this Government, I will continue my fight for the Telugu people and will make the Telugu community as number one in the world,” Chandrababu Naidu stated. Maintaining that the Kurukshetra war has started in the State, the TDP supremo said that Kurukshetra war is a fight for justice. ”We should defeat the Kauravas in this war,” Chandrababu gave a call to the people of the State. He said he is seeking public support for this war.

Asking all those who are in the YSRCP who want the State to be progressed should immediately desert the party, the TDP supremo asked them to join hands with him. Referring to the violent incident at Punganur, Chandrababu Naidu asked whether Peddireddy is a Minister or a contractor.

Talking to media persons after a power-point presentation on the poor condition of irrigation projects in the combined Chittoor district, Chandrababu Naidu expressed surprise how these goonda resort to physical attacks if the robbery of the Minister is questioned. Peddireddy occupies the second position after the Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy is plundering the wealth of the state, he slammed.

“Peddireddy plundered the State wealth of Rs 40,000 crore. All the money that he has plundered will be forced to pay back,” Naidu asserted. Naidu said that there is 37.43 lakh acres of land in the combined Chittoor district of which only 10.08 lakh acres are under cultivation.

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