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‘MY GOVERNMENT WILL waive farm loans by Aug 15th’ Will you dissolve BRS?

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CM Revanth challenges KCR

Asserting his government will implement the Rs two lakh farm loan waiver before August 15, Telangana Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy on Tuesday challenged BRS president K Chandrasekhar Rao to dissolve his party if it is done.
Revanth Reddy, who was speaking at a Congress meeting in his Assembly constituency- Kodangal-, referred to BRS MLA T Harish Rao’s reported comments as to whether the chief minister would resign if he was not able to implement the loan waiver before August 15.
“I am throwing a straight challenge at Harish Rao and KCR. I will carry out loan waiver before August 15. If I do, will you dissolve your party? Accept the challenge. I will carry out Rs two lakh loan waiver before August 15 come what may,” he said.
Assuring that farmers need not worry over loans, Revanth Reddy said the government would pay the loan amounts and cooperative banks should not trouble farmers.
KCR, when he was the chief minister, had asked farmers to cultivate paddy but later told them that paddy cannot be purchased, Revanth Reddy said.
“Is he the one who will improve agriculture? Should farmers trust him and vote in his favour in parliamentary elections,” Revanth Reddy, who is also the state Congress president, said.
The previous BRS government led by KCR did not fulfill promises to build double bedroom houses for the poor, three acres of land to Dalits, students’ tuition fees reimbursement, 12 per cent reservation for STs and minorities, he charged.
Though his government has implemented five poll ‘guarantees’ in 100 days, KCR says that Revanth Reddy should step down, he said.
Attacking the BJP, he claimed that devotion to god should be in the hearts and that “shouting in the streets” is not devotion.
Communal harmony and respect to other faiths is inherent in Hinduism, he said.
BJP is trying to win elections by creating disputes, he alleged.
“Don’t fall for the campaign of BJP. (PM Narendra) Modi did not do anything for 10 years. He did not implement housing for the poor, doubling farmers income, depositing Rs 15 lakh in accounts of poor,” he said.
Since the BJP has nothing to boast about, the party is trying to win elections after creating some trouble, he alleged.
He also said the Congress candidate from Mahabubnagar Lok Sabha constituency Vamsichand Reddy should get a majority of 50,000 votes from Kodangal.

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