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Jagan terms Oppn ‘420 Gang’ Asserts his govt’s welfare schemes helped everyone’s dreams take wings

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Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy has underscored the importance of the reformative impact of Andhra Pradesh’s schemes, asserting, “To fulfil your dreams, you have Jagan’s schemes in Andhra Pradesh.”
Speaking at a public gathering near Chelluru Junction in Vizianagaram during his ‘Memantha Siddham Yatra’, he highlighted the government’s implementation of over 40 schemes tailored to the aspirations of the underprivileged.
Addressing the upcoming elections, Chief Minister Jagan underscored their significance beyond mere political representation. “The forthcoming elections are pivotal for safeguarding the welfare schemes that have touched every household in the State. They are crucial for sustaining the doorstep delivery of government services,” he remarked.
Chief Minister Jagan condemned the Opposition parties’ alignment with Chandrababu Naidu, stating, “From Congress, BJP, Pawan Kalyan-led JSP to vested interests in regional media in Andhra Pradesh, everyone seems to bolster TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu in one way or another. Their campaign is rife with conspiracies and falsehoods.”
Reflecting on his administration’s tenure, CM Jagan contrasted his proactive approach with the lack of initiatives under the previous regime. “In these 58 months of governance, we’ve introduced welfare schemes benefiting all households. Conversely, the opposition failed to offer even a single scheme during their tenure. Now, they seek to thwart the progress supported by the YSRCP government,” he observed.
Pledging to continue advancing every family’s development, CM Jagan rallied support against the Chandrababu-led opposition alliance, characterizing their tactics as a betrayal of people’s aspirations. Taking a firm stance against Chandrababu Naidu and his allies, CM Jagan denounced politicians who deceive with empty promises as ‘420’.
 He labelled the opposition coalition in Andhra Pradesh as the ‘Chandramukhi Gang’ or the ‘420 Gang’, juxtaposing their lack of initiatives with his government’s implementation of over 40 schemes, benefitting millions.

Highlighting the government’s commitment to education, CM Jagan emphasized initiatives such as the Amma Vodi scheme and enhancements to the educational infrastructure, catering to the aspirations of the underprivileged.

Enumerating women’s welfare schemes like Asara, YSR Zero Interest Scheme, YSR Cheyutha, Kapu Nestham, and EBC Nestham, CM Jagan contrasted them with the absence of such initiatives during Chandrababu’s tenure.

Providing insights into infrastructure development, CM Jagan outlined achievements including the allocation of house titles to 31 lakh women beneficiaries, the construction of 21 lakh houses, the establishment of medical colleges, ports, fishing harbours, village ward secretariats, clinics, Rythu Bharosa Kendras, industrial corridors, and nodes, with investments exceeding Rs 1 lakh crore.
CM Jagan also criticized Chandrababu Naidu’s unfulfilled promises, particularly regarding farm loan waivers and the retrieval of farmers’ pledged gold, highlighting the disparity between rhetoric and action.

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