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‘My performance will be more mature in Love Me..’

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Ramya Sree
Prepare to be spellbound as Love Me If You Dare gears up to weave its tale of love, mystery, and the supernatural on the silver screen, set for release on May 25. With its unique blend of horror and romance, the film has already captured the imagination of audiences, having cleared the censor board with a U/A certification.
Directed by novelist-turned-filmmaker Arun Bhimavarapu and produced by Dil Raju Productions, the film stars Ashish and Vaishnavi Chaitanya in lead roles, promising a cinematic experience unlike any other.
Ahead of the much-anticipated release, Ashish, known for his acclaimed performance in Rowdy Boys, shares insights into his character and the making of the film.
In an exclusive interview, Ashish delves into the intricacies of his role, stating, “My character represents a dark theme. My character is such that I will do all the work that I am told not to. I am a YouTuber in this film. No one can judge what my character does or thinks.”
Reflecting on the preparation process, Ashish highlights the importance of workshops and discussions with director Arun, stating, “I spent more time with my director, who explains the character very well. We did workshops, which helped me a lot. I give a much more mature performance in this movie.”
Speaking about the film’s unique premise, Ashish shares, “I have a duet song with the ghost in the movie. I found the story very different; the romance and love track with a ghost are very different.”
Ashish also sheds light on the film’s production journey, stating, “MM Keeravani sir immediately okayed the film. We shot for 15 days to see if we could implement what we wanted, and it came out well, so we proceeded further.” As for the character dynamics, Ashish reveals, “This is a love story. Mine is a carefree character. Ghost is also a character in this movie.”
Moreover, Ashish confessed that he is a big fan of Allu Arjun, Dulquer Salman, and Dhanush and wants to do films that are both commercial and content-oriented.
Dispelling misconceptions, Ashish clarifies, “Many thought Vaishnavi was a ghost in this movie. She is not. The audience will be surprised to know the other characters in the film.” With legendary cinematographer PC Sreeram on board, Ashish expresses gratitude, stating, “The film has a legendary cameraman, PC Sreeram, and receiving compliments for him gave me more confidence.”
Looking ahead, Ashish teases, “There are a lot of emotions and pain in this movie. There are many twists and turns. Our way of approaching it is also different.” In closing, Ashish emphasises the importance of theatrical experiences, stating, “We are living in the OTT era, but I believe the impact you get in theaters will not be getting at OTT. This movie will give a visual experience; that’s why I want the audience to watch the movie in theatres.”
With promises of surprises and twists in store, Love Me If You Dare emerges as a must-watch for cinephiles seeking an immersive and exhilarating cinematic journey.

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