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The world’s first artificial intelligence treatment for autism

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Autism, a developmental disease recognised over a century ago, has long posed challenges to families and societies around the world. This illness has had an impact on the lives of thousands of innocent children over the past 133 years. Every parent has an unwavering hope that their children will prosper, regardless of the hardships.
Pinnacle Blooms Network® uses Pinnacle TherapeuticAI™ to help children and families with autism achieve self-sufficiency, integrate into society, and live fulfilling lives.
For countless moms, fathers, and families afflicted by autism, this hope has a champion! With the world’s first artificial intelligence engine treating autism, Dr. Sreeja Reddy Saripalli, mother, chief strategist, and CEO, leads this groundbreaking organisation on a mission to transform the lives of 90 crore children and families affected by autism through innovative therapies and cutting-edge technology.
Dr. Sreeja’s team just got the prestigious honour of being the top autism therapy center network. We also had some fascinating chats with them regarding the current and future of autism for children, parents, families around the world, business, and other topics. Here are some snippets from the conversation!
When asked about the accolade, Dr. Sreeja was full of admiration for her staff. “Receiving the coveted award is more than just an honour; it demonstrates our deep devotion to helping children and families affected by autism globally. This honour confirms all our energy and strengthens our resolve to continue leading innovative advancements in therapy, technology, and care.”
The attempt is motivated by a deep desire to empower nearly 90 crore children, parents, and families worldwide. Their willpower to #CroreSuccessfulLives has a global impact, fostering excellence, inclusion, and innovation. This accolade inspires the team to pursue their future goals with renewed enthusiasm and purpose!
The doc goes on to say, “With over 160 patentable breakthroughs, systems, technologies, and methods, we have established new standards in autism therapy. Among these, it stands out as a huge step forward. As the world’s first artificial intelligence engine built to treat autism across 400 distinct dimensions of child development, it represents a watershed moment in customised and successful healthcare. This technique combines more than a century of autism studies and has already resulted in 10.3 million successful therapies in 60 countries.”
Its unique feature is its holistic approach to therapy, which is based on a trinity of fundamental components: teams of certified professionals, a data-driven methodology, and persistent innovation. This combination fosters a loving environment, resulting in significant improvements and mainstream societal integration for those with autism.
“The global impact extends to almost 60 countries. We take satisfaction in making a meaningful difference in the lives of millions of people, allowing them to live regular lives. Their allegiance to diversity guarantees that all services are available, regardless of their financial situation. It has administered over 1 crore successful therapies, including speech, ABA, occupational, and special education therapies, with a 97% improvement rate,” added the successful doctor who is leading the organisation!
While several projects aim for similar goals, it stands out for its AI-powered approach to therapy. Their focus is on empowering individuals to lead self-sufficient lifestyles, with the objective of reaching 90 million children and families worldwide. This aim motivates them to scale their technologies.
Looking forward, “We intend to extend to include further aspects of child development. Future plans include opening new facilities throughout the world to address marginalised areas and investing in ongoing research to advance the field of autism treatment. Our wholeheartedness to inclusivity extends to the introduction of a first-of-its-kind OTT platform that provides high-quality self-therapeutic services to children and families globally.”
Every mother, father, and family see it as a light of hope. They encourage readers to trust in everyone’s potential, welcome innovative thinking, and prioritise equality and accessibility. “Together, we can create a world where every child and family affected by autism can thrive and lead wonderful, self-sufficient lives as integral members of mainstream society.” Because, for the first time in the 133-year history of autism therapy, it launched Pinnacle S.O.U.L., which captures every second of your child’s golden age and makes the entire world work for your child’s self-sufficient, mainstream, and delightful existence. “It assesses your child’s developmental milestones, delays, current conditions, behaviours, and tantrums from birth to the present day and, using 133 years of autism research, develops a scientific, exclusive early intervention program and therapy goals suited to your child’s specific requirements. The success of giving over 1 crore therapies with a 97% improvement rate demonstrates the usefulness of this strategy,” is what information we acquired from the founder.
It’s more than just a therapeutic clinic; it’s a holy movement for empowerment. Each therapist is equipped with the information and instruments necessary to provide the greatest therapy possible, similar to offering prayers in sacred sites where their potency is multiplied by the location’s cosmic force. This equates to the Therapist + God + the Entire World + #1CroreLivesSuccess, resulting in an atmosphere in which your child can grow!
The holistic approach incorporates the use of technology to customise therapy programs. This powerful AI, similar to the Google or Amazon of autism therapy, understands exactly what therapy materials to utilise, what strategies to employ, and the best time frames, repetitions, and sequences for your child’s age and gender. This means that every moment is used to prepare your child for a self-sufficient, mainstream, and beautiful life.

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