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Nachinavadu review: A heartfelt movie that deals with the right message

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Cast: Laxman Chinna, Kavya Ramesh, K Darshan, Nagendra Arusu, Lalitha Nayak, Prerana Batt, ARP Reddy, Praveen, and others.

Writer-director: Laxman Chinna

Producers: Laxman Chinna, Venkata Ratnam

DoP: Anirudh

Editor: Kay Paparao

Music: Mejjo Josseph



Laxman Chinna plays Anand, an IT employee who opposes arranged marriage despite his parents’ desire for him to marry quickly. In the midst of his parents’ attempts to find him an ally, he is searching for that one special woman he can emotionally connect with. He meets Anu (played by Kavya Ramesh). For him, it’s love at first sight. Eventually, they both become friends. Anand learns something startling about Anu just as he is about to proclaim his love to her. How do Anand and Anu reconcile with one another and with themselves? Does another character have any interest in their future? Is the film that’s left.


Laxman Chinna donned many hats for this movie as a writer, director, and producer. When it comes to acting, he was good in his parts, especially in serious scenes; he looked apt, and his overall performance was impressive, whereas Kavya Ramesh brought more charm to the screen with her presence, and her acting was impressive.

The movie majorly revolves around Anand and Anu, and it is the lead pair who is more important to the story, and they were in their element.

The remaining cast were fine in their parts.



The movie gets off to a great start. It attempts to convey a message on a touchy subject and succeeds admirably in the denouement regarding what to tell and what not to tell a woman. Despite being a love story, the screenplay ensures that you won’t get bored or experience any lag time, with the exception of the first fifteen minutes of the second half. Impressive chemistry existed between the lead duo.

The music of Mejjo Josseph is passable. The tunes are generic and situational at the same time. Anirudh has excellent cinematography. The movie’s low budget may be noticeable in a few sequences, but when the material is strong, it shouldn’t be an issue.



Nachinavadu is a heartfelt movie that deals straight with the topic without any fuss. A key message is aptly touched and delivered.

Rating: 2.75/5

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