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Vigilance officials crack down on food safety violations

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Vigilance authorities in Visakhapatnam have cracked down on food safety violations, conducting surprise inspections at various popular eateries throughout the city. The impetus for these unannounced checks stemmed from a recent surge in complaints regarding the hygiene and quality of food served in multiple establishments.
During the inspections, officials uncovered a troubling pattern of non-compliance with food safety regulations, revealing instances of expired ingredients, improper storage practices, and unsanitary kitchen conditions. These violations pose a significant risk to public health, necessitating immediate action by the authorities.
In an especially alarming incident, officials at Helapuri Restaurant, situated at Jagadamba Junction, discovered rotten meat being prepared for sale. This revelation raised serious concerns about the restaurant’s commitment to food safety, resulting in its immediate closure. The restaurant’s owner is now facing legal action for compromising public health. Furthermore, authorities found evidence of pests in the kitchen of Zee Shan Restaurant in Madhurawada, underscoring the gravity of food safety lapses. The confirmed presence of pests prompted the issuance of a stern warning to the establishment.
Undeterred by these disconcerting findings, vigilance officials have pledged to persist with unannounced inspections, underscoring their steadfast commitment to upholding food safety standards and ensuring eateries are held accountable for any lapses.

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