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Naidu ‘controlling’ Oppn alliance: Sajjala

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General secretary of YSRCP, Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy, has accused the TDP-BJP-JSP alliance of plunging the State into darkness in 2014.
Speaking to the media on Monday, Sajjala asserted that the political machinations of the Chandrababu Naidu-led TDP involved not only sending its leaders to other parties like the BJP and Jana Sena Party but also exerting influence to secure seats for them. He highlighted this strategy’s implementation in the Bhimavaram, Avanigadda, and Anaparthi constituencies.
Sajjala underscored the disappointment of Janasainiks who had envisioned their leader, Pawan Kalyan, as the potential chief minister under the opposition’s victory. However, Naidu dashed these hopes by restricting the alliance to two Lok Sabha and 21 Assembly seats according to the seat-sharing agreement.
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Moreover, considering the TDP’s manoeuvres, there’s speculation that Pawan Kalyan might be substituted by the TDP’s ticket aspirant SVSN Varma at the eleventh hour. Sajjala noted that Naidu is well aware of his party’s diminishing popularity and thus formed alliances with the BJP while maintaining a tacit understanding with the Congress for the elections.

Addressing Chiranjeevi’s support for the TDP-BJP-Jana Sena alliance, Sajjala asserted that it wouldn’t significantly bolster the opposition’s electoral prospects. While acknowledging Chiranjeevi’s talent as an actor, he clarified that no disrespect was intended towards him.

Sajjala emphasised the Jana Sainiks’ desire for Pawan Kalyan to serve as CM for at least two years. However, Chandrababu initially offered only 24 seats, eventually reducing it to just 21 for JSP, with 10 to 12 candidates from other parties securing Jana Sena tickets. This indicates that only a handful of seats are allocated to actual JanaSena leaders. Sajjala suggested that Pawan Kalyan might withdraw from the race, citing the need for statewide campaigning.

Highlighting Chandrababu’s strategy to retain control over all seats, Sajjala speculated that even in Pithapuram, they might replace Pawan with Varma. He accused Chandrababu of mocking the electoral process by forming alliances with both the BJP and Congress, alleging that voters would not support him due to his lacklustre governance from 2014-19.

Sajjala contrasted the YSRCP government’s transparent and corruption-free governance with the TDP-led alliance’s feeble stance, confident in facing the upcoming elections with integrity. He asserted that the TDP has forfeited its moral authority as a political entity, with Naidu disconnected from the people and his leadership marked by frustration.

Sajjala warned against TDP’s NRI wing members enticing rural voters with money, urging people to remain vigilant and report such incidents to the police. He also called on YSRCP workers to stay alert regarding TDP NRIs.

Regarding Sharmila’s political activities in AP, Sajjala alleged that she is merely following Chandrababu’s script, insinuating a hidden agenda behind her actions.

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