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Naidu failed Kuppam: Jagan

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Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has reiterated that TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu has fallen short in meeting the expectations of the locals and hence, forfeited the privilege to represent the Kuppam constituency, owing to his consistent neglect.
Addressing a mammoth public meeting here on Monday, the Chief Minister said that Naidu’s tenure as a leader has been marked by neglect towards the constituency, despite being elected as MLA seven times—a neglect that renders him unfit for the position of Chief Minister.
It is noted that Naidu neither maintains a residence in Kuppam nor has he provided any substantial benefits to the constituency, despite receiving support from its population. Furthermore, he disregarded the concerns of the BCs, who constitute the majority in Kuppam.
In stark contrast, Jagan asserted that his administration is firmly grounded in prioritising the welfare of the people, unlike Naidu’s tenure which was characterised by deceit and betrayal. Despite holding the position of Chief Minister on three separate occasions, Naidu has failed to secure any significant achievements for the people, the Chief Minister pointed out.
Highlighting the absence of tangible welfare initiatives under Naidu’s leadership, the Chief Minister warned against falling prey to empty promises and deceptive alliances orchestrated by Naidu and his allies. He urged the public not to be swayed by impractical assurances.
Questioning Naidu’s efficacy based on his inability to complete projects like the Kuppam Branch Canal during his 14-year tenure, the Chief Minister underscored the necessity of electing representatives committed to genuine progress.
Despite the setback in the 2019 elections, YSRCP BC leader Bharat was appointed MLC, showcasing the government’s commitment to the development of Kuppam, the Chief Minister affirmed.
Enumerating the extensive welfare and developmental initiatives undertaken in the Kuppam constituency over the past 57 months, the Chief Minister highlighted the transparent distribution of Rs 1899 crore to eligible beneficiaries through various welfare schemes, with a DBT component of Rs 1,400 crore.
Expressing gratitude towards the people of Kuppam for their patience despite obstacles, the Chief Minister lauded their resilience in overcoming challenges posed by previous administrations.
The Chief Minister noted significant strides in healthcare, employment, and social security in Kuppam, attributing these achievements to transparent governance practices.
Urging the electorate to elect YSRCP candidate Bharat as MLA in the upcoming elections, the Chief Minister cautioned against the misleading promises of the TDP and its allies, urging citizens to stand as soldiers of progress and ensure victory for the YSRCP.

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