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Naidu hindering justice to poor

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Naidu hindering justice to poor CM Jagan Mohan Reddy says the TDP chief & his cohorts filed 1,191 cases to impede the allotment of land sites to underprivileged people.

Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has launched a scathing attack against TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu, portraying him as the obstructionist hindrance to justice for the underprivileged.
Speaking at a significant public gathering here on Friday, the Chief Minister condemned Chandrababu Naidu and his cohorts for lodging 1,191 legal challenges in courts to impede the allocation of house site pattas and the construction of homes for the disadvantaged. He pointed out that Naidu, known for his derogatory remarks targeting SCs, BCs, and other marginalized communities during his tenure as Chief Minister, resorted to legal manoeuvres to hinder progress. Despite completing construction on 8.90 lakh homes for the impoverished, with an additional 22 lakh units underway, the government faced obstacles, particularly in the CRDA (Capital Region Development Authority) area, due to legal actions instigated by Chandrababu and his associates, citing demographic concerns.
Jagan lamented Naidu’s persistent presence in politics despite reneging on promises such as loan waivers for farmers and self-help groups, and abandoning the 2014 election manifesto.
During TDP’s rule, not a single piece of land was allocated to the needy, Jagan highlighted, underscoring Naidu’s efforts to prevent social and economic empowerment among the less fortunate.
Having deceived the public with over 650 false assurances during the 2014 elections, Naidu now peddles impracticable pledges with unwavering support from his protege and sympathetic media outlets, Jagan remarked.
Contrary to Naidu’s reliance on media patronage and familial support, Jagan affirmed that YSRCP’s strength derives solely from divine providence and the people’s trust, urging voters to consider the party’s track record of welfare initiatives over the past 58 months.
While Naidu garners backing only from non-resident Andhras with no electoral sway in the state, who have enabled his exploitative practices, even his spouse acknowledges his dwindling prospects in the upcoming election in his stronghold of Kuppam, remarked the Chief Minister, cautioning the public against falling for TDP’s deceitful promises and the influence of Naidu’s protege.

Jagan emphasized that, unlike Naidu’s reliance on friendly media and familial connections, YSRCP’s foundation lies in the support of the divine and the people, urging voters to reinstate the party if they have benefited from its array of welfare schemes.

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