Monday, April 15, 2024

TDP-JSP likely to unveil first list of candidates today

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he expectations rise as both the TDP and the JSP gear up to reveal their chosen candidates for the upcoming elections. Insiders revealed that Chandrababu Naidu has reached out to key figures, including K Atchannaidu and Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, summoning them to his residence for crucial discussions. A call to convene at Naidu’s residence at 9 am on Saturday has been issued, with personal phone calls made to some leaders by Naidu himself.
Saturday holds special significance as ‘Magashuddha Pournima,’ a highly auspicious day.
“A collective announcement of certain candidates by both TDP and JSP leaders on Saturday is being considered to uplift the morale and vigour of the party members,” according to a TDP leader who pleaded anonymity.

Sources further revealed that while awaiting official confirmation from the BJP to cement their alliance, both TDP and JSP have opted to disclose some candidates to bolster confidence among supporters. Meanwhile, the ruling YSRCP has already surged ahead, having announced their candidate lineup well in advance.
It’s reported that TDP and JSP are jointly organising a mammoth public gathering in Tadepalligudem on February 28. “We anticipate clarity on BJP’s potential collaboration with the TDP-JSP alliance before the public gathering,” remarked a TDP spokesperson.
Notably, there has been no official declaration from either TDP or JSP regarding the unveiling of candidate names on Saturday.

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