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Naidu incited TDP workers: energy Minister

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In response to the violent incidents at Angallu village, Minister for Energy and Environment, Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy, has accused TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu of inciting the TDP activists and being responsible for the violence.

Addressing the media in Punganur on Friday, Reddy stated that the violence in Angallu village was preplanned. He pointed out that the TDP leaders had initially informed the media and the police that Naidu would not visit Punganur on Friday. However, Naidu unexpectedly changed his plans and decided to visit the area, resulting in the outbreak of violence. Reddy said that Punganur and Angallu have never experienced any law and order problems before this incident.

During the violence, TDP activists allegedly attacked the police with sticks and stones, causing several officers to sustain bleeding injuries. Police vehicles were also torched and damaged in the chaos. Reddy refrained from directly responding to Naidu’s comments, stating that he chooses to leave it to Naidu’s discretion.

According to Reddy, the TDP leaders informed both the media and the police at 10:30 pm on Thursday that Naidu would not be visiting Punganur, but he later attempted to provoke YSRCP activists by going towards Punganur through the bypass road. The police intervened to prevent an escalation of the law and order situation.

Reddy further questioned Naidu’s actions, asking how he could attempt to visit Punganur without informing the police or seeking their permission. He expressed concern over the police personnel who were injured during the attack by TDP activists.

Describing Naidu’s behaviour as that of a ‘street rowdy’, Reddy alleged that Naidu has lost his mental balance. Despite claiming to be a senior and experienced political leader, Naidu made absurd and derogatory comments against Reddy, as per Reddy’s statements.

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