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Naidu plotting to destablise YSRCP govt: Ambati

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PNS | Vijayawada

Water Resources Minister Ambati Rambabu accused TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu of inciting violence in Punganur on Friday. Naidu’s visit to Punganur was allegedly aimed at spreading false information against the YSRCP government and destabilising the administration led by Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. According to Minister Ambati, Naidu orchestrated attacks on the police, resulting in injuries to policemen, and the destruction of police vehicles using rods, stones, and glass shells.

The Minister pointed out that inciting violence has become Naidu’s habit, especially when he is not in power, to create disturbances and tarnish the government’s image. He also claimed that Naidu’s fear of defeat has led him to conspire against Minister Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy. Ambati further criticized Naidu for his alleged negligence of Rayalaseema’s progress during his 14-year tenure as CM, stating that Jagan Mohan Reddy’s government has shown considerable progress in irrigation projects.

Regarding the ongoing projects in the Chittoor district, Minister Rambabu stated that Tamballapalle, Madanapalle, Punganur, Peeleru, Palamaneru, and Kuppam are impoverished areas. To address this, CM YS Jagan has initiated the Rayalaseema Drought Mitigation Project with a budget of Rs. 40,480 crores. The first phase of the project is already underway, including the construction of three reservoirs in Mudivedu, Thamballapalle, Vatriguntapalli, and Auvulapalli. The tenders for these projects have been finalized, and work has begun on transferring 6.5 TMC of water from Gandikota Reservoir.

At a separate press meet, Civil Supplies Minister Karumuri Nageswara Rao questioned Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan, who claims to be the son of a constable, for remaining silent on the attack on policemen during the Punganur incident. Rao criticized Pawan Kalyan for only focusing on his adoptive father, Chandrababu Naidu, while neglecting the injuries sustained by 50 policemen during the violent incident. He alleged that outsiders were brought in to cause destruction, including the destruction of police vehicles. Rao also questioned Naidu’s decision not to follow the given route map and accused him of obstructing the black cat commandos.

Minister Nageswara Rao further questioned Pawan Kalyan’s silence on the injured policemen, despite claiming to be the son of a constable. He highlighted that Naidu is under Z category security, and the guards have orders to open fire if any threat arises to Naidu’s safety. Rao said that Naidu was not attacked directly, but he allegedly instigated the assault on the police.

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