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Naidu’s remark on SC leader incurs MP’s ire

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In a scathing rebuke, YSRCP MP Nandigam Suresh condemned TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu for his disparaging remarks against SCs, asserting that Naidu’s decades-long political tenure once again exposed his disdain for the SC community. Suresh vowed to bring Naidu’s remarks to light through media channels, highlighting the derogatory comments made about an SC leader, Singanamala, during a meeting on Friday.
Addressing reporters on Friday, Suresh recalled past instances where Naidu had belittled the SC community, stating, “No one wishes to be born as SC.” He further criticised Naidu for mocking an SC leader as a ‘tipper driver’, indicating a pattern of disrespect towards SCs and suggesting Naidu’s belief that SCs should not aspire to political leadership.
Suresh denounced Naidu’s elitist mentality, emphasising that Naidu’s vision appears limited to the prosperity of his community.
He contrasted Naidu’s attitude with Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy’s inclusive approach, citing instances where Reddy offered political opportunities to individuals from marginalised backgrounds.
Highlighting Reddy’s commitment to social upliftment, Suresh praised Reddy’s efforts to empower youth from SC, ST, BC, and minority communities through education and employment opportunities. He emphasised Reddy’s non-discriminatory stance and lauded his initiatives that have earned him widespread support among marginalised communities.
Suresh predicted a bleak electoral future for Naidu and the TDP in the upcoming 2024 elections, urging Dalit leaders within the TDP to recognise Naidu’s disregard for the poor and marginalised.

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