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Will develop R’seema a la K’seema: TDP chief

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The TDP’s main goal is to create assets and distribute them to the people, particularly the poor.

TDP chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu, here on Friday, promised to develop Rayalaseema much better than Konaseema. Chandrababu told a mammoth gathering at Banaganapalle of Nandyal district as part of the Praja Galam election campaign that soon after the NDA government is formed within 45 days, he will take all measures to develop this region in all sectors.
The former chief minister told the people that CM Jagan had damaged every village and town.
The TDP chief clarified that the party’s alliance with the Jana Sena and the BJP is kept in view only for the future of the State but not out of any personal interests. “I will take the responsibility to ensure that injustice is not done to any minority community as is being campaigned,” he said.
The TDP’s main goal is to create assets and distribute them to the people, particularly the poor. Chandrababu assured the people of Rayalaseema that the coming NDA government will initiate steps to supply Godavari waters for this region. Regretting that CM Jagan has damaged the State by playing the game of three capitals, he felt that this is the basic reason why people have lost faith in him and thus no one is attending his meetings. “While our meetings are glittering, the meetings being addressed by CM Jagan are fading,” Chandrababu remarked.
Fondly recalling how Rs 30 monthly pension was paid for the poor and the old, the TDP national president said that NTR founded the party to provide food, shelter, and clothes to the poor. Later, the TDP formed the National Front and the United Front; he said now the party has become a partner of the NDA.
Observing that he has now come here in the name of Praja Galam to bring awareness among all sections on the need to send the YSRCP home, Chandrababu said that he is also the son of this soil. Reiterating how Hyderabad has been developed, Chandrababu said that he will personally take the responsibility to do justice to all sections, including the Madigas and Muslim minorities.
Regretting that the State now has a whopping Rs 12 lakh crore debt burden, the former chief minister said that CM Jagan has destroyed all the sectors and filed false police cases against several innocent persons. “I will not remain silent and will pay back with interest,” he said.

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