Sunday, April 21, 2024

Need for buggies felt in the new Secretariat

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“Old is gold,” goes a maxim. Babus at the new BR Ambedkar Telangana Secretariat are recalling this while recounting their ‘good old days’ in the previous Secretariat complex, where various blocks were at a stone’s throw from one another amid sylvan surroundings with ample verdure. These days, bureaucrats are wasting a lot of their precious time walking in the plush corridors of the new Secretariat or between its blocks. The imposing structure of the new Secretariat is visibly good but makes one tired if they have to move from one block to other. A bureaucratic did not mind saying (off the record of course!) that there is need to have buggies even in the corridors of the Secretariat. Seasoned bureaucrats have started missing the old, cool shades in the Secretariat that had hundreds of trees.

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