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‘Need to fulfil Gaddar’s final phase of T movement’

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TPCC president Revanth Reddy has questioned why Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has not paid tributes in the Assembly to departed balladeer Gaddar. He said that KCR and KTR used the Assembly for their cheap activities.

“Gaddar told me that KCR is a criminal politician and asked me to be careful with him,” Revanth claimed at press conference in New Delhi on Tuesday and observed that there was a need to fulfil Gaddar’s’final phase of the Telangana movement launched in 2019′.

“We will continue Gaddar’s spirit and fulfil Gaddar’s last wish. Gaddar told me that the ‘nikkar party (BJP)’ and the ‘liquor party (BRS)’ have joined hands.

He called for a strategic war against KCR. I maintained restraint due to Gaddar’s death. We will make KCR stand as a culprit in court. Gaddar stands as a warrior in people’s hearts. This time, the BRS will not get more than 25 seats and so the BRS is fighting the Congress,” he said.

Mentioning that the Congress had approached the Telangana High Court regarding the need to curb narcotic drugs, he said the Congress hadin fact launched a war against the flow of drugs into Telangana by filing a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) petition. “Why did IT Minister KT Ramarao go to court and get a stay if he had no links with drugs and Rakul Preet Singh? Does the Rs 1,000 crore defamation suit mean that one can say anything by giving Rs 1,000 crore?,” Revanth asked, and added:'”KTR has no dignity”.

Revanth said that Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao had been trying to increase the assets of his Kalvakuntla family around Hyderabad by grabbing 10,000 acres.”BRS leaders said that the Jenwada farmhouse does not belong to KTR when I went to visit Jenwada farmhouse.

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