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Never trying under-water activities ever: Chahatt

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Shikha Duggal

A Maldives vacay screams luxury. The viral sensation Chahatt Khanna, who was recently in news for a banter with Uorfi Javed, flocked to the islands recently and filled her social media feed with beautiful beach photos and breathtaking scenery. It wasn’t virtually for us to look past it.

Meanwhile Chahatt says, “I wasn’t so satisfied with my trip to Maldives because it was extremely sunny out there. I returned with four shades darker than my skin tone (she laughed).” Enjoying the tranquil serenity of the place, she continued, “Something new that I discovered away from the cliche seas was the vegetable market, which brought so many of maldivian chillies back home.”

The gorgeous marine life also makes it a beautiful lagoon to stay at. “Truly, nobody was judging me for wearing a bikini/monokini. Many make us feel terrible for wearing a bare minimum, that’s a swimsuit and none realise how wrong it’s. Never visit Maldives in the summer, the sun is too harsh for the Indian skin. Must visit coral islands but dip yourself in the sun-screen fully.”

The depths of the waters didn’t attract her as much as the mighty mountains.

“Under intense work pressure, a serene mountain retreat is what I prefer. After becoming a mommy, I am done with the sea—I would love to take my child to the quiet of mountains and show her the natural surroundings.”

She fears going underwater now, because, “Explored a phobia, will never try scuba diving ever in my life. It was a life-changing experience for the first time, afterwards the fear started to take over me which was very frightening in an outside country. But, I am wandering out on my own to explore the unseen. I do think about safety, but there is no loneliness. You are independent to do whatever you want. These experiences immediately make your inner consciousness alive.”

Her next destination she’ll be ticking off from the bucket list is definitely going to be Turkey because it’s allure can never be lost.

“It’s a lifetime worth visiting Turkey, my plan is fixed in January ending. I want to see the palaces, many of my friends have said it’s a must-see. And the best location where I can go back for shooting all over again is surely going to be Toronto.”

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