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‘No leader in the world was attacked as much as me’

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Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao said on Thursday: “The attacks on me as a part of the Telangana statehood movement, by those (who had stood) for a united state (of Andhra Pradesh), probably has not happened to any leader in the world. But I was not sad. I moved ahead with your blessings”. He was speaking after inaugurating the Telangana Martyrs’ Memorial Centernamed as “Amara Jyothi” at Tank Bund.

KCR said that the place hadnow become a unique landmark. Telangana Thalli statue will come up between Martyrs Memorial and the Secretariat.”Any CM & CS who work from the Secretariat should reflect on the sacrifices of martyrs & follow the ideals of Dr. Ambedkar”, KCR observed

KCR recalled why he had taken up a fast onto death, attack on Jala Drushyam, and how many times he had resigned from various positions. He said that ProfJayashankar continued the demand for a separate Telangana with hopes on “a leader like KCR”.

KCR recounted that Konda Laxman Bapuji was the first person who had sacrificed the post of minister for Telangana. “We set up an office in his house in the Jala Drushyam and started the work. The government destroyed our office. All the items were thrown out. The stupam of the martyrs was built at the same place, and the Amar Jyoti was built so beautifully in the same Jala Drushyam for their souls to rest in peace”.

KCR observed: “We wanted to end the festivities by paying tribute to the martyrs of Telangana. Happiness and sadness at the same time. Do you remember those who died in the Telangana movement? Many people gave their lives for the state. Several cases and rubber bullets rained down on the movement. A great struggle took place that day.”

The Chief Minister said that Martyrs Memorial was “Amara Jyoti”. “The names of the dead will be displayed with photos. I don’t know how many times we resigned for Telangana. We have resigned because we have faith in our people. We achieved Telangana without violence on the path of non-violence practiced by Mahatma Gandhi. With 14f order concerning jobs released by then CM Roshaihsaying that there should be no jobs in Hyderabad, I decided to start a movement. With my hunger strike, the Delhi government came down and declared Telangana, the central government of that day. After that many people tried to stop it. Pepper sprays were also sprayed in Parliament. However, many people were martyred during the large-scale Telangana movement.”

KCR said that the government provided jobs and financial assistance to 650 families of the deceased. “If there is anyone else, we will support them too. Some conspirators and schemers asked what the Stupa of the Immortals was for. Whoever comes, whatever country the delegate comes from, we will take necessary steps to pay tribute here. If there are signs and details of the movement in your area, send us”.

KCR said that all doubts raised by leaders had been addressed. “There is also a reason for building in front of the Secretariat. We have arranged here for the Ministers and CM to see that the Telangana came with the sacrifices of the martyrs. Telangana is moving ahead with this spirit.”

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