Thursday, November 30, 2023

No need to shift Naidu to hospital: Prison DIG

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Deputy Inspector General (DIG) M Ravi Kiran of Rajamahendravaram Central Prison reported on the medical examination of TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu, who is currently lodged in the jail. The examination was conducted by a team of doctors from the Government General Hospital, in response to concerns expressed by Naidu’s family members about his declining health while in custody.

After a thorough examination, the medical professionals concluded that there was no immediate need to transfer Naidu to a hospital. Speaking to the media on Saturday, Ravi Kiran assured that Naidu’s well-being is being taken seriously, and all necessary security measures are being maintained around the clock. The recommendations made by the medical team regarding Naidu’s health will be presented to the court.

Ravi Kiran emphasised Naidu’s status as a high-profile prisoner and mentioned that the police had provided Naidu’s legal team with all relevant medical reports after obtaining his consent. The dermatologists who examined Naidu recommended a treatment plan for his skin allergy. Responding to suggestions from the medical team to provide a cooler environment for Naidu in the prison, Ravi Kiran stated that all prisoners are treated equally in accordance with established protocols. He acknowledged that the prison rules do not typically permit air-conditioning facilities, but noted that if the court deems it necessary in this specific case, it will be duly considered.

Dr. Siva Kumar, a member of the examining medical team, disclosed that Naidu was suffering from a skin allergy and that a comprehensive evaluation led them to believe that hospitalization was not immediately warranted. The team consulted Naidu’s personal doctors and provided him with the necessary treatment. They also clarified that they were unaware of Naidu’s preexisting medical conditions prior to his incarceration, and they did not recommend the use of steroids.

In response to Naidu’s medical condition, Chandrababu Naidu’s legal counsel filed a plea with the ACB special court, seeking medical treatment for him in a corporate hospital.

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