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Nothing wrong in BRS entering AP

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Naidu, Pawan welcome KCR’s national foray
K Venkateshwarlu

Jana Sena president Pawan Kalyan said that there is nothing wrong with the BRS entering Andhra Pradesh. He said that leaders joining political parties are common and that he welcomes the entry of the BRS into Andhra Pradesh.

Pawan said that the BRS has been saying that it will contest across the nation. He said that anyone can contest from anywhere. “Leaders moving from one party to another party is common. If it is TRS, it is a different thing. But it became BRS and said that it will contest across the nation. Then the BRS has every right to be in Andhra Pradesh,” Pawan said.

TDP Chief N. Chandrababu Naidu recalled that the TDP and the BRS contested elections in 2009 after forging an alliance. However, the TDP differed from the BRS in 2014, Chandrababu said. He said that equations will change in politics and that alliances are common in politics and made it clear that the TDP will forge alliances during elections.

Pawan came to Chandrababu’s residence in Hyderabad and met him on Sunday. During the meeting between the two, they discussed mainly AP politics.

Later, speaking to the media, Pawan said that they had discussed the anarchy under the YSRCP government in Andhra Pradesh. He said that they discussed GO No: 1.

Pawan said that they discussed many issues including the issue of abolishing pensions in the state, affordable prices for farmers, and the law and order issue.

Pawan said that he was not even allowed to get off the vehicle when he went to Visakhapatnam.

Chandrababu accused the YSRCP of holding meetings in the state and gossiping. He said that no permission is required for YSRCP meetings, but if opposition parties hold meetings, they should take permission.

He said the YSRCP is the reason behind the incidents during the Kandukur and Guntur meetings. He said that GOs apply to them but not to the YSRCP and that the YSRCP is holding meetings and rallies freely.

It is natural for people to come to the meetings of celebrities and political leaders. Chandrababu made it clear that maintaining law and order is the responsibility of the police and the government.

Pawan and Chandrababu said that the Kandukur and Guntur incidents took place due to police failure. They said that they will fight against GO No: 1. “We are in the opposition and we have to create awareness among people and hence we have to go to the people,” he said.

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