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NRI Golagani joins BJP

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Renowned NRI and Chairman of the Golagani Charitable Trust, Golagani Ravi Krishna, formally joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) during a ceremony held at the party’s office in Vijayawada on Sunday. Daggubati Purandeswari, the party president, warmly welcomed Ravi Krishna into the fold, adorning him with the party scarf in a symbolic gesture.
Addressing the media following the induction, Purandeswari highlighted Ravi Krishna’s commendable initiatives in service-oriented programs across the state, emphasising his commitment to the welfare of the people of Vijayawada. She expressed confidence that his involvement would bolster the BJP’s presence in the Vijayawada West Constituency.
Purandeswari also underscored the party’s intention to leverage Ravi Krishna’s expertise, particularly in communicating the developmental efforts and financial allocations made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration to the public.
Responding to queries about potential alliances with other political entities such as the TDP and JSP, Purandeswari indicated that discussions were ongoing within the party leadership. While both the TDP and JSP had announced candidates for 99 assembly seats, she noted that negotiations for the remaining 76 seats were still underway.
In the broader context of electoral preparation, Purandeswari emphasized the BJP’s comprehensive engagement across all 175 Assembly Constituencies and 25 Lok Sabha segments in the state. She assured that the party was actively working towards finalising alliance structures and seat allocations shortly.

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