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Officials told to enforce poll code

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District Collector AS Dinesh Kumar directed the election officials to have a full grasp of the C whistle App, and Election Procedure Management System and follow strictly the Election Code of Conduct.
The Collector addressed a workshop organized for the nodal officers, MCC, FST, SST, postal ballot teams and expenditure monitoring teams at Kondapi on Tuesday. Employment General Officer Bharadwaj gave a PowerPoint presentation on the occasion.
Addressing the election officers, Collector Dinesh Kumar said Nodal Officers, MCC, FST, SST, Postal Ballot Teams, and Expenditure Monitoring Teams should fully understand the guidelines issued by the Election Commission of India and perform election duties responsibly.
Strict implementation of election guidelines and registration of candidates’ expenditure details are very important till the election process is completed, he told them. The Collector said that the role of the polling officers is very important in conducting the polling peacefully without any mistakes.
He said that the election process would become easier if the election duties were carried out responsibly by strictly following the guidelines issued by the Election Commission of India.
Everyone who has been assigned the duties of election should carry out the duties as a serious responsibility, he said, adding that all Returning Officers should take responsibility to ensure that the officers in their teams are fully prepared for the elections.
Dinesh Kumar advised the contestants to enter the expenditure details in the Expenditure Register from time to time. The Expenditure Manual should be read and understood thoroughly.
He instructed the election officials to observe closely at every aspect of the election procedure. If all the election officials understand their duties and responsibilities, they can perform their duties with special care and the election process would be much easier.
The Collector suggested that the Nodal Officers, MCC, FST, SST, Postal Ballot Teams, and Expenditure Monitoring Teams appointed for the conduct of the elections should focus fully on the election duties. The nodal agencies should take steps to ensure that the voters are not lured or tempted by the contestants. Kondepi ARO Kumar, OUDA vice chairman Visweswar Rao and a host of officials were present.

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