Monday, March 4, 2024

OU students demand removal of barricades

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Since the commencement of elections, Osmania University students have been demanding the administration officials to remove barricades around the university gates.
Hemanth, a student from Mass Communication and Journalism said, “We are demanding the administration officials to remove barricades at the university gates and want the gates to be open till 11 pm.
Also, some of the students accused the VC of removing the barricade near the police station and allowing movement of vehicles at all times 24*7. We demanded the officials not to make the university a closed campus.”
Praveen Kumar Gaddam, an MSc student, said, “Since the commencement of elections, we have been demanding the VC to remove barricades. Vice-Chancellor Prof Ravinder is imitating the dictatorship like the former chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao by turning the OU into a closed campus. He has set up barricades and bandobast near the administration building, university gates and police station.
We demanded the removal of barricades to allow the movement of vehicles at all times. We also demanded to construct more hostel buildings for the students and there are alarming rates of snake bites issues in the hostels, especially in the NRS-PhD hostel.”
Responding to students’ allegations, Prof Ravinder said, “When the Congress party comes to power, all the restrictions will be removed and there should be no conditions to meet the OU VC.”

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