Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Parties to distribute mutton, liquor and  crackers

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K Venkateshwarlu

Political parties are getting ready to distribute mutton and liquor to voters during the Dasara festival to attract voters. One ticket hopeful told ‘The Pioneer’ that they need to spend Rs 2 crore to Rs 5 crore for distributing mutton and liquor to voters in every Assembly constituency. Voters will go in touch with the party which distributes mutton and liquor on Dasara day and hence almost all candidates engage in this exercise. However, it depends on the financial capacity of the candidate.

He said that the Congress and the BJP have yet to announce their candidates. They may announce candidates before Dasara and hence they too are likely to spend money for the same or else they would have to back out, he said. He said that this exercise had happened in the past too.

It is learnt that parties are going to distribute one kg of mutton and half a bottle of liquor to every house in all constituencies. It is learnt that parties have already alerted their second-rung leaders to carry out this exercise and the second-rung leaders have alerted village leaders to do the job successfully.

Political parties are going to distribute mutton through mutton sellers and liquor will be distributed through belt shops without giving doubts to anyone. Another ticket hopeful said that the two major festivals — Dasara (October 23) and Diwali (November 12) — are definitely going to hit the pockets of candidates.

Earlier, candidates used to distribute mutton and liquor to voters and now it has become a tradition for candidates. Some candidates may distribute firecrackers to voters, he said.
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