Thursday, December 7, 2023

Telangana tops in liquor sales: AICC spokesperson Dolly

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PNS | Hyderabad

AICC official spokesperson Dolly Sharma said that there is no safety for women in Telangana and that TS is number one in atrocities against women. The BRS government did nothing for women and there is no welfare board in the state for women. Telangana tops in liquor sales, she said.

Addressing the media at the Gandhi Bhavan on Friday along with AICC media observers Goutham Seth and Ali Mahadi and TPCC Media Committee chairman J. Kusuma Kumar, Dolly said that the BRS model had failed in Telangana. She said that the Congress is striving for the development of women in Karnataka by implementing the assurances given to women. The Congress did justice to farmers and all other sections in Chhattisgarh, she said.

She said that the Congress announced the Mahalaxmi Scheme for the development of women in Telangana and that the Congress will give Rs 2,500 to women if it comes to power besides giving LPG cylinders for Rs 500. The Congress will also provide free bus transport to women, she said.

Goutham Seth said that the revenue collected in Telangana is going into the pockets of KCR. The CM’s family violated the rights of Telangana people, he said.

Ali Mahadi said that corruption is ruling the roost in Telangana and that the KCR family is involved in all corruption cases. Telangana is number one in corruption across the nation. KCR is trying to purchase votes with his corruption money, he said.

He said that KCR’s daughter engaged in corruption in the Delhi liquor case. The people of Telangana are tired of the KCR family’s corruption, he added.

Kusuma Kumar said that the BRS government had failed in all aspects and that KCR is running his government with fake statements. The Congress will win the next elections, he added.

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