Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Pawan announces support to Corporator P Murthy Yadav

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Jana Sena chief K Pawan Kalyan has announced support to the Jana Sena Visakhapatnam municipal corporator Peetala Murthy Yadav and condemned the YSRCP’s threats to him.
In a release here on Thursday, Pawan Kalyan said that JSP Corporator P Murthy Yadav is vehemently opposing the ruling party leaders’ illegal activities. The YSRCP leaders threatened to kill him for questioning their illegal activities.
“The YSRCP leaders have no respect for the democratic system and they are unable to digest the opposition leaders exposing their illegal activities and misdeeds. That is why the ruling party leaders threatened the JSP leader to eliminate him physically,” Pawan Kalyan slammed.
The ruling party leaders mined the Rushikonda hill and constructed a palace. They were involved in the Daspalla land scam, TDR scam and closed the tycoon junction road and plundered the properties of Christian missionaries. When Murthy Yadav is fighting against their illegal activities and misdeeds, the YSRCP leaders wanted to eliminate him physically,” Pawan Kalyan criticized.
Murthy Yadav is raising his voice strongly during the council meeting and on the false ratifications. Pawan Kalyan appealed to the Visakhapatnam police Commissioner and the DGP to take stringent action against those who threatened the JSP municipal corporator.

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