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Pawan calls, Jogaiah calls off fast

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Former minister Chegondi Venkata Harirama Jogaiah called off his fast-unto-death here on Monday and reached his hometown Palakollu.

Jana Sena chief K Pawan Kalyan enquired about the health condition of Jogaiah with the party leaders over the phone. He also spoke to the family members of Harirama Jogaiah. Pawan Kalyan advised the senior Kapu leader to call off his fast keeping in view his age and health condition.

Chegondi Harirama Jogaiah is a popular Kapu community leader and also the president of Kapu Sankshema Sena. He announced that he would embark on an indefinite fast on December 2 demanding 5% reservations to the Kapu community.

The government and the police were on high alert on the fast of Jogaiah who was demanding 5% reservations be provided to the Kapu community out of the 10% EWS reservations.

In view of his decision to embark on an indefinite fast, the police held him at his house. Later the police foiled his attempt and arrested him. Later he was shifted to the government general hospital here. However, he embarked fast by not taking any fluids in the GGH which led to the deterioration of his health condition as his sugar levels and BP declined.

A large number of his followers and Kapu associations leaders and activists tried to organise protests in front of the GGH here but the police did not allow them.

When TDP leader and former MLA Chintamaneni Prabhakar went to the GGH the police prevented him which led to a grappling in which his shirt was torn off.

The police also prevented TDP Eluru in-charge Badeti Chanti when he tried to meet Jogaiah. The police erected barricades around the GGH to prevent leaders from going inside. Amid the tense situation, Pawan Kalyan telephoned Jogaiah and advised him to call off the fast which he agreed to.

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