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Pawan urges CM to withdraw proposal to remove pensions

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Janasena chief K Pawan Kalyan objected to the government issuing notices to the beneficiaries of social security pension asking reasons why their pension should not be cancelled and urged the government to withdraw the proposal of removal of pension citing various reasons.

Pawan Kalyan in an open letter to Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy here on Wednesday, said that the state government’s efforts towards reducing the monthly pensions given to the elderly, widows, disabled and single women who come under the social pensions in the state is causing problems for the poor.

“Notices have been issued to approximately 4 lakh beneficiaries asking why pensions should not be removed. It should be understood that the notices have been issued only to deprive the poor, elderly, disabled and widows of their pensions. The reasons given for removing the benefit are also not reasonable. I am bringing some of them to your attention”, Pawan Kalyan said in the letter.

“It is said that widow pensions will be cancelled by showing in the notice that those who died less than a year ago are still paying income tax. Are these types of notices valid? These types of notices are also causing pain to the disabled. What is the purpose of forcing disabled persons who have been receiving pension for 15 years to show their certificates now? Is it justifiable to deprive them of benefits even if their disability is visible?” Pawan Kalyan asked in the letter.

“I appeal to the government to withdraw the proposal of weeding out pensions in a bid to reduce the number of beneficiaries. I hope that the government will act with human perspective in extending pensions,” Pawan Kalyan said

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