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Pawan’s announcement incurs wrath of TDP workers in AP

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Jana Sena chief K Pawan Kalyan’s declaration of his intention to contest from the Pithapuram Assembly constituency sparked violent protests by followers of TDP leader SVSN Varma on Thursday in Pithapuram.
TDP senior leader SVSN Varma had been designated as the in-charge of the Pithapuram constituency and had been laying the groundwork for a potential Assembly run for the past few months.
However, Pawan Kalyan’s announcement to contest from Pithapuram caught many off guard. The TDP had allocated the Pithapuram seat to the JSP under their alliance. Enraged by Pawan Kalyan’s decision, a significant number of TDP activists set ablaze TDP flex banners, wall posters, flags, and other materials at the TDP office.
They voiced their dissatisfaction with the TDP’s decision to allocate Pithapuram to the JSP, chanting slogans against the party. Followers of SVSN Varma conveyed to the media that he would consider running as an independent candidate if Pawan Kalyan proceeds with his candidacy from the area. They expressed sentiments of betrayal by the TDP towards Varma.
TDP leader SVSN Varma stated that he has faithfully served the TDP in Pithapuram for the past two decades, garnering goodwill among the local populace. He mentioned convening a meeting with his supporters scheduled for the following day to chart out the next steps. Reports indicate that his supporters are contemplating leaving the TDP.
In the meantime, Pawan Kalyan’s decision to contest from the Pithapuram constituency has stirred up reactions within both the YSRCP and TDP circles. It is reported that senior YSRCP leaders have called for a meeting with MLAs from the combined East Godavari district and other senior members to strategize on selecting a candidate to oppose Pawan Kalyan.

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