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Won’t leave TDP: Bode

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“I am not leaving the TDP. I will continue to be a part of the party and fight to prove my hard work in serving the people as well as the party. I will be contesting from the Penamaluru constituency in the upcoming elections, regardless of whether the party grants me a seat,” stated former MLA Bode Prasad. However, he did not pursue an independent candidacy.
Following news from the TDP Central office that there was no available seat for Bode Prasad, the former MLA and Penamaluru in-charge, former MPP Devineni Raja Venkateswara Prasad (Raja), Anumolu Prabhakara Rao, Edupugallu sarpanch P Indira, and their supporters swiftly converged on the party office, where they staged a protest against the party’s decision.
This sudden incident has stirred controversy within the party. During the protest, one party worker attempted to douse himself in petrol, protesting the denial of Bode Prasad’s candidacy in the Penamaluru segment. However, he was promptly restrained by party leaders and other members.
During the subsequent meeting with party leaders and cadres, Bode Prasad expressed his discontent over the decision to deny him a seat, speaking passionately about his dedication to the party’s development in the constituency over the past five years.
“I didn’t feel disheartened after losing the last election. For the past decade, I have devoted myself tirelessly to the party, often at the expense of time with my family. Despite indications from IVRS and surveys suggesting my potential victory, the party leadership has chosen not to field me in the upcoming elections,” he said, voicing his disappointment.
He went on to assert that the people of Penamaluru would not readily embrace candidates from outside the region. With the endorsement of former Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, he was elected as Penamaluru MLA. He emphasised that his political career has remained untainted by corruption, despite allegations to the contrary in the constituency.
Furthermore, he disclosed that during his tenure as MLA, Rs. 1 crore was allocated annually for constituency development. He credited the successful conduct of Nara Lokesh’s Padayatra in the constituency to the support of party leadership and his efforts. Additionally, he claimed to have personally contributed Rs. 1 crore during the local body elections.
Bode Prasad affirmed that he would respect the decision of his supporters and party cadre. However, he remains determined to contest from the Penamaluru constituency in the upcoming elections, aiming to demonstrate his dedication to Chandrababu Naidu.

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