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Pinnelli brothers attacked TDP agents, alleges Varla

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TDP senior leader Varla Ramaiah has alleged that YSRCP MLA Pinnelli Ramakrishna Reddy’s anarchies are coming out one after another during and after polling. He said that Pinnelli’s victims are coming out one by one against the MLA. Speaking to the media at the party office on Sunday, Varla Ramaiah said that YSRCP leaders are hell-bent on attacking the Dalits.
He said that the attack on Nomula Manikya Rao in Kandlakunta, Pinnelli’s village, is proof of this. When a Dalit person was a booth agent in support of TDP, he was abused with foul language and attacked with rods and sticks, and the police played a spectator role. Ramaiah said that even after the family members of Manikya Rao fell on the feet of Pinnelli Venkatrami Reddy pleading to show mercy they were also attacked. Another TDP agent, Durgampudi Venkatreddy and his children were attacked with sticks and rods.
Victim Manikya Rao said that Pinnelli Ramakrishna Reddy’s brother Venkatrami Reddy came to polling booth number 144 of Kandlakunta village and abused me with foul language. He threatened to see my end and his followers beat me up inside the polling station. Venkatrami Reddy’s followers attacked my family. Pinnelli kicked my eldest son in the stomach. Vekantrami Reddy and his followers beat my younger son and wife with rods and sticks.
He also said that another booth agent, Durgampudi Venkatreddy, family was also attacked by Pinnelli’s followers and beat his sons severely. He said they went to trainee DSP Jagdish and told him everything and begged to save my life and Venkatreddy’s family. The police took me along with three other TDP agents in their vehicle to Veldurthi Police Station. The police in the station were told to provide security to us and left. The police refused to take our complaint. Later, TDP supporters came and took us to the house of Julakanti Brahma Reddy, the candidate of the alliance, he added.

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