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Police foil TDP-YSRCP leaders’ bid for open debate

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The police foiled the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and the ruling YSRCP leaders’ show of strength by preventing them from going to the Municipal centre on Monday for an open debate on corruption allegations.

Telugu Desam party MLA and former Home Minister Nimakayala Chinarajappa and YSRCP Peddapuram in-charge Davuluri Dorababu have been making corruption allegations against each other for the last few months.

The YSRCP leader dared TDP leader Chinarajappa for an open debate at the municipal centre on Monday. Accepting his challenge, Chinarajappa prepared to go to the municipal centre.

At the same time, YSRCP leader Davuluri Dorababu also prepared to go to the place for an open debate.

However the police prevented both the leaders and their followers from going to the place.

The police stopped Chinaranappa and his followers at Maharani College. The TDP leader picked up an argument with the police for preventing him leading to a tension at the place. The police detained YSRCP leader Dorababu at his camp office.

The police told the leaders that without permission they should not hold such programmes.

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